Our mentoring program, One4Life, is now Community4Kids!

What is Community4Kids?

Community4Kids provides a support system for kids in foster care through connections made with caring adults at our camps and special events. Our desire is for these connections to result in a mentorship that will give our kids the consistency, guidance, support and advocacy they need and deserve. Our mentoring program includes weekly contact and monthly activities between the Mentor and Mentee as well as group events throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

July: Tubing on the Cartecay
September: North Georgia Fair
December: KidS³ Family Christmas

Below is a testimony from one of our Community4Kids mentors:

Every summer after volunteering at Royal Family Kids’ Camp (week-long camp for foster children), I would wish that I could maintain contact with children whom I had started to form a relationship. Between camps, throughout the year, I would think of the children, wonder how they were doing, pray for them, and wish that I could communicate with them to let them know how much I cared. When the mentoring program was introduced, I knew that it was the answer to making a more significant difference in the lives of foster children in great need.

Working with my mentee has proved more rewarding and beneficial than I even imagined. My teenage mentee gives testimony to how multiple years of attending camp and now the mentoring program has positively affected her life – her relationship with Christ, her outlook, her attitude, her priorities, her relationship with others, and how she views herself. She continues to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Together we have great fun, going out to eat, taking in a Braves’ game, shopping, boating, going to the movies… Our long chats, in person and over the phone, mean more to my mentee than the places where we go. We are building a close, trusting bond. I have been able to encourage her and her family as I try to gently guide and instill Godly principles and righteous living.

The joy and fulfillment mentoring brings me far exceeds what I had anticipated. I wanted to be a vessel used by God to be instrumental in helping a girl in need. Yet, I am the one in the relationship receiving the greater blessing.